Sipping Al Fresco

Where's your favorite place to sip wine outside? I know this rain and hail is joing to stop soon and I'm dying to go slurp some rose in the great outdoors. Comment away!



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12 responses to “Sipping Al Fresco

  1. I’m a fan of the patio at Jury’s on Lincoln.
    And of course, sangria on the patio at Cafe Babareeba.

  2. tweek1313

    Love the patio at Cafe 28 ( for spring and summer dinning.

  3. In the old She She space, Soiree up in Lincoln Square has a great patio area in back for sharing a bottle or two, and they have a good selection!

  4. pomo0504

    People watching on the sidewalk at the Cafe Atwood sipping a crisp, chilled white on a summer day can’t be beat. But my ultimate fave is the outdoor seating at Meritage Cafe. Phenomenal wine and beautiful food!

  5. MichaelG

    Okay, I guess I’m a complete weirdo, but I generally hate dining al fresco. I guess it reminds me too much of disasterous picnics from my childhood. (but we won’t get into THAT right now!) Maybe I just haven’t had the right companions or the right WINE to make it a pleasurable experience. But now that there are all these great suggestions, I guess I’ll have to venture once again into the great outdoors. Yes, I just compared sipping wine on a terrace in Chicago to braving the wilds of Africa.

  6. Sean L

    I like the patio behind Pop’s and Star Bar. Don’t know what the future of this space will hold as Pop’s is moving.
    In general we don’t have enough good Al Fresco wine spots in the city.

  7. I heard Pops is closing up on Sheffield just before Bastille Day. How sad. Speaking of renovations,I also love the patio at Bistro Campagne, but thats under construction too. Don’t know if it will be a permanent structure and/or have the same feel.

  8. I’m so excited that you finally started a blog! My fave place to drink the booze outside is Joie de Vine up on Balmoral in Andersonville!

  9. darcy

    I LOVE sitting outside at Silver Cloud in Bucktown. Good comfort food to munch too. To bad I move soon! Any suggestions for Andersonville? Anyone?

  10. darcy

    HAHA! I should read the posts before mine before i say stupid things. Thanks Shylo for the comment about Joie de Vine!

  11. Jessica K

    I am not sure if this counts or not but I say Ravinia. Yeah, I know it’s “BYOB” but what fun! If I had to pick a patio that actually brought stuff to me (which is always a bonus) I would say Cafe Selmarie. I know it’s kind of yuppie but the square is great for people watching and there’s always some kid who runs down the ramp in the middle way too fast and blam- drama city, so that keeps it interesting!

  12. texman

    Trite, yes, but I like sipping at Carmine’s/Tavern to watch the old guys run through the Viagra triangle after the young gals. Good wine+amusement=fine entertainment.

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