Gallo Chardonnay holds up over time

Just found a stray bottle of Gallo of Sonoma Laguna Vineyard Chardonnay 2002 last night in my home stash. I was more than skeptical when I opened the bottle – really expecting an oxidized mess. California Chardonnay falls apart more often than not after just a year in the bottle – not to mention 3 or 4. How delightfully wrong I was!

The wine had a golden tinge as expected, but no signs of browning or excessive oxidation. The aromas were typical peach, pear and butter, but with a nice added nutty, carmel note due to its age. AND the wine actually had some acidity – definitely the key to a graceful aging process. Kudos to the crew at Gallo for a well crafted beauty.

It was unbelieveably tasty with my homemade corn chowder. Wow. Even my hubby (President of the US Chardonnay Hater Club) enjoyed it. Drink up if you have some in the back of your closet too!


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