Rose Round Up Part Deux

Allrighty, here is the second half of my Rose reviews for the Summer. And you get it first, here on my blog. Days before the newsletter subscribers. So scurry out today and buy yo’sef some pink juice to cool this nasty heat. Go on now. Shooo….


Les Deux Rives Corbieres, France

A sweet deal at only 5.49 a bottle at Sams. This Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault blend is like an earthy fruit punch. Kind of like a dry Hi-C for grown ups.


Archipel Napa Valley Rose, California

Fancy pants red from the Kendall Jackson group offers up this hearty rose for summer. Full disclosure, the wine had some aromas of sulfur on it that were pretty distracting. This did not inhibit me and my pals from chugging it down at a Mexican BYO and it was gone so quickly I didnt get to see if the offending stinkiness blew off. I expect that it would have dissipated and revealed more fruit. If anyone else has had this wine, please email or post to the blog to let me know what I missed.


Domaine de Gournier Vin de Pays des Cevennes, France

The folks at this estate started out running a plant nursery, so they really know their vines down to the DNA. Since great wine starts with great grapes, its no surprise that their Rose is tasty blend of tart cherry, thyme, lavender, and cloves with a cool earthy undertone. Has a nifty sweet-tart/Lik em Stix thing going on too.


Jean-Luc Colombo Rose de Cote Bleue Coteaux dAix en Provence, France

Jean Luc is well known for his brawny and spicy reds, but this Rose is positively juicy with red berry flavors and peach and white flowers on the nose. The blend is a somewhat unusual 40% Syrah, 40% Mourvedre, and 20% Counoise.


Domaine Sorin Terra Amata Cotes de Provence, France

Typically lighter in color than their Costieres de Nimes brethren, the Provence roses are soft and elegant. This blush-ish pink offering serves up a very light, wild strawberry aroma with gutsy undertones of clay, mushrooms, and forgive me cranberry oat bran muffins. I just call em like I smell em.


Ninet de Pena Vin de Pays des Cotes Catalanes, Spain

I love the label artwork on this bottle almost more than the wine. Its typical Spanish modern; oddly abstract, humorous, and lurid at the same time. His jaunty beret hat and one giant eye just crack me up, but lets just say this cartoonish guy is sporting a corkscrew worm in a most interesting spot. Though lighter in body than most, the wine doesnt disappoint with raspberry fruit and aromas of magnolia and bubble gum.


Hartley & Ostini Hitching Post Pink Pinot, California

Miles might have sipped this at The Hitching Post bar, made famous by the movie Sideways. Big and juicy with aromas of canned peaches and strawberry Starburst, this Pinot Noir based rose is much weightier than one would expect from a delicate varietal. While its way more expensive than most Roses, it may be worth the $20 for hardcore fans of the movie.


Etude Estate Rose of Pinot Noir, Carneros, California

Yep, it carries a hefty price tag for a rose, but it is more elegant than most California offerings. The wine has more of a salmon/orange color than many 2005s and a distinctive earthiness from its namesake varietal. Its got a maraschino cherry thing going on and some lovely floral aromas to boot. Fans of Tony Sotors supple Pinot Noirs should definitely enjoy this pink potion as a change of pace for summer.


Chateau Du Donjon Minervois Rose, France

The peachy flavors are fairly universal in the 2005 roses from Southern France, and this Languedoc treat is no exception. Plenty of rosemary and lavender aromas add to this medium bodied and dry Grenache/Syrah blend.


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