Tiny Bubbles in Tiny Bottles

While mini bottles of bubbly aren’t exactly new, it seems that their marketing has shifted decidedly toward the  Mary Kate and Ashley crowd.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am definitely a fan of these personal sized bottles particularly the Piper Heidsieck Baby Piper, Nicolas Feuillatte One/Four, and Pommery Pop. Mostly because these are real deal Champagnes – just smaller. No worries about bottles that have been open too long at the bar and rob you of your deserved fizz.

But, I have to admit I feel ridiculous drinking Champagne from a straw. Usually, I just order one of these pint size sparklers and request a glass as well. Just like macrobrew beer drinkers who want to feel classy. To complicate matters, the Feuillatte and Pommery bottles are these goofy Hello Kitty colors – razar phone pink and electric blue with matching straws. The One/Fours have – and I’m not kidding – pink and blue lanyards around their little necks. Just attach your champagne and your purse to your wrist and you’re ready for a night of clubbing, I guess. Maybe bring your tiny dog in a matching bag too!

But don’t be fooled by the hipster packaging, the wine still tastes the same as in the more respectably fashioned 750ml bottles. (One exception, the Pommery Pop is a slightly less fizzy, extra dry style.) And if you can wear Sevens, Jimmy Choos, and a sequined camisole – be my guest. Find a bottle that matches your outfit. I’ll be right next to you. In flats with a glass.


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