Cheese and Chardonnay. (Seriously.)

So, I know I’m guilty of being a bit of a Chardonnay hatah. Particularly those big butter bombs that lack any kind of tangy acidity. But I have to say – they have their proper place and occasion. However, I was floored to find such a symbiotic cheese match with a rather …pedestrian California Chardonnay. (Don’t feel the need to out this one as being nasty or anything, its just unremarkable as many cheap, large production, CA appellation ones can be.) So dig this…I’m eating a very mild and creamy Pavie d’Affinois on some baguette after dinner and decide to throw back a little of this cheap Chardonnay I was cooking with earlier. It was really, really good. No kidding! Its like the cheese brought out the tiny bit of acidity in the wine and accented its hidden buttery notes. And here’s where it gets even weirder. I also had a 5 year aged gouda that I was snacking on. Darned if it wasn’t really good with that too! I promise I wasn’t plastered or otherwise impaired, either. Its like the aged crumbly cheese had a sweet and nutty quality that was highlighted by the wine – almost like a carmel or toffee. And the wine actually tasted pleasantly fruity and not overly sweet with the cheese. I would have never paired this wine with these cheeses and I’m so glad I tried them together. What an unexpected treat!


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  1. Knobbe Diva

    Hmmm, I am intrigued. I think with such a great experience like that you might be able to actually persuade me to set dowm my glass of SB.

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