Wine with candy! 1:40 pm on WGN

Hi all!

Just a heads up that I’ll be on The Steve Cochran Show Monday Oct 30th at 1:40pm chatting about wine with candy. Tune in to get recommendations for adult libations to accompany the treats you steal from your friends’ and family’s plastic pumpkins.

WGN radio is 720 am or you can stream live at



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4 responses to “Wine with candy! 1:40 pm on WGN

  1. Amy

    I am full-fledged card-carrying adult and driving to pick up my kids yesterday I laughed hysterically at all of you on the Steve Cochran show. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever listened to. It was great and fun info. and a great combination of personalities!

  2. So glad you enjoyed it! I’ll be on twice in December, Monday the 18th and Thursday the 28th – both at 1:40 pm. Hope we can deliver some more giggles for you.


    • David Gates

      Caught just the end of segment w/Steve on Weds. Was going home to have Popcorn & Martini for dinner cause “The Boss” was at a meeting. Decided I would rather have Wine w/Popcorn but it was too late to ask you–which Wine goes best. I must tell you I make the Popcorn in a microwaveable Popcorn maker using only Pam or Fat Free Spray with a Fat Free Buttery or Flavored Salt. I’m thinking a nice Ice Cold White. I did use a Medium Sweet Reisling and it was OK.
      But I want you to tell me what I should be drinking with my Popcorn.

      BE WELL and Thank You.

      David Gates
      Mt. Prospect

  3. David Gates

    OK to E-mail your thoughts or whatever is best for you.

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