wine n stuff from The Steve Cochran Show today

Thanks to all who tuned in to hear me on The Steve Cochran Show today!

As promised, here’s the info on the wine we were sipping:

Etude Pinot Noir Carneros Estate 2004 Mmmmmmmm!

And to the gentleman asking about wine cooler/storage units, my apologies for not totally answering your question. I think they are a great idea for people who truly “cellar” wine or let wines sit and age for a year or more. For most people a dark corner of the basement or closet probably works fine, but if you’re starting to invest in some fancier wines that you’d like to hang on to for a few years or more – a storage unit is definitely in order. They range in size from a small under the counter until to majestic armoires and come in all different styles. A few things to consider:

1. How noisy is it? Some of these fridge units make quite a buzz and can be annoying if they’re in your living room.

2. Does it have enough space to store your stuff and more if your wine collection grows?

3. Does it smell funny? I know this sounds ridiculous, but I’ve heard a few owners of smaller units complain that they smell plastic-ish inside. Definitely not good.

4.Check the shipping/delivery/installation fees and restrictions. Most of these units have to be ordered and shipped. Sadly, the shipping fees are often more than the units themsleves. And sometimes, they will only be delivered to first floor addresses. You have to make other arrangements to get them hauled up your stairs. Sam’s Wine & Spirits carried a few units for a while and I’ve seen them at Cost Co on occasion. Keep an eye out; not paying shipping saves you a bundle!

Otherwise, International Wine Accessories is a respected website for ordering these units as well as the Wine Enthusiast.



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2 responses to “wine n stuff from The Steve Cochran Show today

  1. Kent

    I enjoyed your interveiw with Steve and crew. I only wished that I was there to try some also. Where can I find the list of wines that you refered to, the ones you found in the grocery stores.

  2. The wines are in my newsletter – which you can subscribe to on the home page of my website I should have the most recent issue posted to my site soon.

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