Limited and reserve wines on sale through the 30th

Hey gang,

Hope you’ve all recovered from your triptophan coma and are embracing the holiday season.

I don’t normally issue winery/commercial type stuff on my blog but when I see a honestly good deal I like to pass it along. If you are looking for some fancy pants, limited and/or reserve California wines for holiday meals or gifts there are some great deals on Beringer’s website. Lots of them are 30% off. Plus you don’t pay tax when they’re shipped out of state.

FYI – the parent company of Beringer Vineyards also owns several other wineries, so the sale inlcudes hot shot wines like Beringer Sbragia Reserve as well as Chateau St Jean Cing Cepages, St. Clement Oroppas, and Chateau Souverain Winemaker’s Reserve.

All the other wines on the site are 25% off if you use the discount code HOLIDAY2006 at checkout on line or over the phone. As an added bonus, you can shop from home in your jammies and bunny slippers and just wait for the Fed Ex guy to bring your hooch right to your door.


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