I had to try it…

Yep. I got sucked in by the novelty of “Da Coach”. On a recent trip to Cost Co, I bought a bottle of Mike Ditka Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 for $15. I just had to try it and see if the wine was all gimmick or a respectable quaff. Honestly, the wine is OK. But, just OK. Are there better Cabernet Sauvignons out there at the same price from Chile, Australia, and France? Definitely. But its tough to find decent California Cab Sauv for under $20 and this one does the job just fine. Its got nice ripe cherry fruit, a soft mouthfeel and decent weight. Very pleasant. But I guess I expected a wine that was as bold and dynamic as Da Coach himself. Not so much.

However, if you have a Superfan on your gift list, this wine will be a big hit. Chances are they usually drink canned beer and will be impressed by anything with a cork. If you must give in to the novelty of celebrity wine (and I did!), this isn’t a bad choice. Uncork a bottle on Sunday at kickoff with some sahsage sammiches. Go Bearssss.

 OH P.S. Just saw this. Superfans can MEET Iron Mike at Binny’s in St. Charles on Dec 7 and get their bottles signed by Da Coach himself! Its free! Click here for more info.


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