Moms to Be and the occasional Chardonnay

This is probably the most sensitized subject I’ve ever dealt with on my blog, so brace yourselves and please don’t freak out on me. Deep breaths people. I think this topic is quite timely as many gals with a splendid little bun in the oven may choose to have a half a glass of Champagne on New Years or share a sip of Chardonnay with their co-workers at the office holiday party. No doubt, there will be many MANY differing opinions on the subject, but I’ve found two recent articles that were quite rational and informative regarding pregnant women and moderate consumption of alcohol.

 Mostly, they point out that there isn’t much research available regarding light or moderate consumption because no one wants to test much of anything on pregnant women, let alone booze. Likewise, no one is suggesting that a second trimester tequilla bender is a good idea either. I just think these articles are worth reading for any woman who might want to make a more informed choice about the occasional glass of wine during their 9 months “with child”.

This recent New York Times article has caused quite a stir and I highly recommend it.

I also like the recent blog post on vinography and the, shall we say, spirited discussion.

Wanna get really riled up? Read this article on the Women Wine Critics board.

I have plenty of opinions of my own relating to this subject, but I’m not sure anyone needs to hear them. I think the decisions relating to diet and pregnancy belong exclusively between the expecting Mom and her doctor. Hopefully, these articles will offer women just a bit more info where there is little to be found.

Ok. Go ahead. Fire away. I can take it.



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2 responses to “Moms to Be and the occasional Chardonnay

  1. I think pregnant women are sexy and I have read nurmous articles refering to this. Also I’ve read how a glass of wine a day is healthy for them.

  2. Thanks for the article, great reading.

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