Hell in a Handbasket

OK, I am fit to be tied. Really worked up. In a big snit. So much so that I can’t write logically or effectively. Once I cool down (and return from tonight’s Champagne tasting at Binny’s on Clark) I will flesh these stories out for you. In the meantime know this:

1. New York City actually passed the trans fat ban for all NYC restaurants. No more Krispy Kremes or McDonalds fries for the Big Apple.

2. New Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being villified by certain politicians because she is a vineyard owner. I guess “vineyard owners” don’t count as American farmers. Here’s more on that from the Wine Spectator.

Just unbelieveably craptastic.


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One response to “Hell in a Handbasket

  1. Sean

    It’s a shame that she’s being villified for being a vineyard owner…There are soooo many MORE reasons why to hate her!

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