Nominate me? Best wine blog. Best wine blog writing.

Hey all.

Help your local wine gal out? I’m trying to get nominated for a wine blog award at fermentation. I feel like a total freak trying to “campaign” for myself in these matters, but as an entrepreneural chick; its kinda my only option. So, if you like my cheeky wine musings, please visit this link and say so.

And if you’re feeling particularly magnanimous, you could visit localwineevents and vote for my blog there as well. I’m in danger of slipping out of the Top 10. Gads!




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4 responses to “Nominate me? Best wine blog. Best wine blog writing.

  1. It’s called self promotion, baby. I put you up in there for best writing.

  2. paul

    Come on….promoting yourself like that is pretty cheesey. This is supposed to be a classy wine blog, not some sort of cheap tabloid.

  3. Point taken Paul. Thanks for your opinion. Its really nice of you to refer to my blog as “classy”. Thanks.

    Neil: You know I heart you too.

  4. Hi Diva,
    Like your blog. I am collecting a few links to build up a Squidoo on women wine writers on the web, so if you want your name up there in lights along with Jancis, Chotzi, Natalie et al, check it out. You can vote for yourself too!

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