She drank too much…water?

Here at the corner of Darwin St. and Common Sense Ave., we learn that drinking too much water can kill you. Its seems there is something called water intoxicationthat can cause symptoms from a mild headache and nausea to coma, seizures, and death. I wouldn’t have given this malady a second thought, except for two dunderhead DJ’s were fired recently for sponsoring a water drinking/ no peeing contest to win a Nintendo Wii and one of their contestants died. Since we live in a hyperlitigeous society, I felt it necessary to state the obvious: Drink a few glasses of water or Gatorade after drinking booze to rehydrate. You need not consume an Olympic size pool of the stuff.

Now I am as guilty as the next person of occasional gluttony. At different periods of my life, I have been a binge eater, binge drinker, and well…other stuff too. I try to stick to 2 glasses or so a day, but on occasion I drink the whole damn bottle. I keep most portion sizes in check, but in my world, a pint of ice cream is one serving. So here is where I implore you to use your head.

A simple guideline I like to follow is this: “Never eat more than you can lift.”

While this sage advice comes from a muppet (Miss Piggy), I still think its worth something. If you constantly have to set down your Super Big Gulp because your arm needs a rest, maybe you shouldn’t be consuming a vat of Dr. Pepper. If you need 6 paper plates to support the weight of your first trip to the buffet table, think about skipping dessert.

Yeah, I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but please folks; indulge responsibly. You only get one body and its gotta last you for a long time. Otherwise, who will I play beer pong with at the retirement home?


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