Sam’s is Sold



Sam’s Wine and Spirits was quietly sold today to one of the family members and a group of outside investors. The store has been family owned and operated by the Rosen family since its humble beginnings on the Near North Side in the 1950’s. Youngest brother, Brian Rosen, and his financial backers have purchased his brother Darryl’s interest in the company and seem to be making changes rather quickly. Eight employees were let go this week, which continues a trend of many key staff members giving notice or receiving pink slips over the last three months. No word yet as to whether they intend to make changes to the business model or how the selection or service will be affected.

 I definitely intend to keep doing business and shopping there for the foreseeable future, but patrons may be disappointed to see some of their favorite staff members absent from the aisles. Longtime Sam’s gurus, Charles Stanfield, Gerard Nespoux, and Angel Aguilar are still on staff at this time.



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3 responses to “Sam’s is Sold

  1. Man, I hope there’s still someone there who can tell me what kinda wine to go with the turkey at Thanksgiving!
    (And is that where you got that amazing pink bubbly that one time?) x o x o x o x o x o – Janis

  2. The purchase of the business is our attempt at a continued effort to bring the best service, selection and knowledge to the wine loving public.
    Brian Rosen
    President and CEO

  3. Thanks for the comment Brian!
    Congratulations on your new title and ownership. I have no doubt the store will thrive.

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