Inflatable penises and veils not your thing? Call me.

Yes, its true. The Winediva does in fact cater to Bachelorettes. Lots and lots of them. Summertime is the season for betrothed gals to have their biggest Girl’s Night Out, and I still have plenty of weekend dates available through August. Maybe you’d like to  sip some nice bubbly with your best pals before a night on the town? Perhaps you would prefer to stay in with some classy snacks and get a crash course in Italian wines before your honeymoon in Tuscany? No matter what the goal, I will make sure you have a nice selection of tasty vino and really good time.

A note of advice to all potential hosts: It takes a special kind of person to work with bridal related events. Even if there is no hint of Bridezilla tendencies, make sure anyone you hire to work with your party has the experience and temperament to hang.

TOOT! (warning: that’s me and my own horn.) The ladies at the last Bridal shower I worked had so much fun, they vowed to invite me to the Bachelorette party. I have three client groups of friends who use me for all of their engagement parties. I think I’ve done six parties for one group of sorority sisters. I’m coming up on my 10th wedding anniversary myself. I get it.

 This is all a big lead in to: Hey! Check me out in Metromix and Red Eye here! They also featured Burlesque lessons and Tarot card readers. Those sound fun too…as long as there’s wine involved.

For that matter, no need to wait for someone in your crew to get engaged to have a wallop of a party. I know a dynamite duo of gals who do an evening of sex toy demos and pole dancing lessons. Email me for more details. I have no doubt you’ll be needing some wine to compliment that shindig. Yowza!


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One response to “Inflatable penises and veils not your thing? Call me.

  1. Jessica

    Woo hoo- bubbly and burlesque- I love it! Why didn’t I think of this before………

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