Vicarious lunch; Avenues Chef does Ratatouille for the movie cast

Any self-proclained foodie will eat up a good food porn artcle, but its even better when it involves cool celebs! Mark Caro reports on a dream lunch at Avenues in the Sunday Chicago Tribune. Not that Graham Elliot Bowles food isn’t amazing on its own, but inspired by a private screening of Pixar’s new film Ratatouille, Chef created a tasting menu for Janeane Garofalo, Patton Oswalt, and Director Brad Bird. Caro captures the food and the conversation well; exactly what you’d expect having a fancy lunch with two alternative comedians would be like. My favorite passage reads:

“Bowles says: “So what we have here is wild halibut that’s been crusted with olive tapenade, and it’s been crusted with pine nuts.”

“You double-crusted,” Oswalt declares. “You maniac. You magnificent bastard.”

How much do we all wish we could have been there, too?!

Live vicariously here.


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