Taste Opus One at the new North Halsted Whole Foods













If you’ve ever wanted to taste this famously fancy and expensive red from Robert Mondavi and the Baroness de Phillippine de Rothschild with out shelling out $150, here’s your chance. The new Whole Foods at the Center on Halsted  has a Vino sample area like the one I blogged about earlier this summer, but the selections are a bit different. This location is offering some swankier tastes on tap and a few more boutique-y items than most other stores. You can get a sample of the 2003 Opus One for $8 at their tasting station,  and if it really does it for ya, take a bottle home for $159. Best keep that bad boy in the cellar for a while though. I find Opus reaches its peak in about 10- 12 years from vintage, but that’s just me. I like my California Cabernets and blends to have a good deal of berry fruit tones still front and center, even if its at the expense of complexity.

Any Halsted Street bar owner or restauranteur will confirm that the boys love their bubbly, especially Veuve Clicquot. You’ll find a hearty supply here of both standard and half bottles, pre-chilled, in the cooler for you. While you’re there, pick up some of their sushi, a couple of made to order noodle bowls, and some Raspberry Cheesecake or Peach gelato for dessert. Then call me with an invite for dinner.



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