Catch me tomorrow evening on WGN radio

Tune in to WGN tomorrow evening to hear me chat wine on the Steve Cochran Show. I’m scheduled to be on at 5pm, but that usually means 5:40 or so…barring any ground breaking national news stories, late cubs games, Lindsay Lohan hijinx…that kind of thing. So its 720 am on the dial at about 5pm CST. You can also stream live at Call in with questions so I don’t have to make some one feel better about their Riunite habit. Again.



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2 responses to “Catch me tomorrow evening on WGN radio

  1. Chris

    Hey! I love to listen to you on the Steve Cochran show every time you are on, however, I will occasionaly miss the names of the wines you are talking about but want to try them. Do you publish a list of the wines you recommend on his show? (Particularly last week, you mentioned a Marco Real Rose'(?) that I would like to try but wasn’t sure if that was the name.)

  2. winediva

    thanks for listening! I generally try to list them here on my blog, but I’ve been a bit of a slacker recently. It was indeed the Marco Real Rose 2007 from Navarra Spain. About $10 at Sam’s, In Fine Spirits, and other retailers.

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