back from Argentina…blogs to resume

I’m still recovering from jetlag, but I have tons of notes and pics to share from my two weeks in Argentina. If you are contemplating any kind of international travel in the near future, I highly recommend the Mendoza wine region. Not only is the wine fantastic and the food stellar, its one of the only places in the world where the dollar is strong. With the Argentine peso at 3.13 to the dollar, you can enjoy quite a bit of luxury for cheap! Stay tuned for my wine/travelogue…



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3 responses to “back from Argentina…blogs to resume

  1. Louisa Cooper

    Christine! I’m just back from Mendoza for 7 nights. It was incredible. A little bit wild, wild west and chic wine making culture wrapped into one. We hit 8 wineries. Our favorite tours and tastings were Catena-Zapata (sleek Mayan spaceship), Archaval Ferrer (vertical tasting from the barrel), La Garde and Bodega Benega and Salentien. Fascinating to learn how about their “flooding” style of irrigation, complicated canals and dams systems that keep the vines from going thirsty. Unfortunately, we only managed to smuggle 5 bottles back. The food is defiantly not to be overlooked. I’ve never eaten so much beef in my life. Francis Mallman’s 1884 restaurant, hands down our favorite dinner. Lunch at La Garde was tasty too. Like you said, the dollar goes a long way there—we never spent more than 60 bucks on a three course steak dinner for two, including a decent bottle of vino. I can’t say enough good things about our hotel Cavas Wine Lodge, we wouldn’t have honeymooned anywhere else 🙂

    Would love to compare notes sometime.

    Are your photos posted anywhere?

    -Louisa Cooper (Northshore Cookery)

  2. Dustin Bopp


    I was in Argentina (Buenos Aires mostly) about a year ago. It was an amazing value and we were really able to live it up. While no wine expert, I did enjoy many of the local varieties. When I go back — and I will go back — I want to explore the countryside more as I understand it and BA are like separate countries. I will now make it a point to visit some of the many wineries.

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