Big Box Booze Battle in the South Loop

Wine geeks in the South Loop have two new spots to shop in the hood. Binny’s Beverage Depot and Sam’s Wine and Spirits have both opened giant new stores on Roosevelt in the South Loop. The new Sam’s features a wine and cheese bar and fine wine room, with two floors of wine and spirit selections in a landmark building circa 1928. Binny’s new location, less than a mile west, is simply gigantic. In what looks like even more floor space than the Lincoln Park Sam’s location, Binny’s South Loop has a tasting room with over 100 wines and 16 beers to sample, a rare wine cellar, walk in humidor, and special section of their gourmet market dedicated to chocolate. Both stores have Grand Opening events scheduled for the week.



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2 responses to “Big Box Booze Battle in the South Loop

  1. Stinton

    My parents live a stone’s throw from both of these sites. It’s pretty exciting, but I feel awful for the smaller wine shops in the area. I can’t remember their names offhand, but there’s one on Wabash (right next to the ruined Louis Sullivan building) and one at Printer’s Row. What’s the possibility they’ll survive?

    I have a Binny’s card myself, so I’m as guilty as anyone. But it makes me sad.

    (Special chocolate section? I might have to visit my parents soon…)

  2. I think there will always be a market for the small wine shop with more customized service. While Binny’s and Sam’s have a larger selection; they can’t carry everything. The boutique shops will survive if they continue to seek out small production wines and and interesting producers.

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