Winediva at the Discovery Center this Friday

In a last minute arrangement, I’m going to be teaching some classes at The Discovery Center starting….THIS FRIDAY. Holy cow! So come take my super fun, no snobs allowed, wine basics class Friday at 7pm and get your wine on before you hit the town. Register at the Discovery Center website or call 773-348-8120. $65. Cash or check please.

The class description is something like: Welcome to Wine

 Learn to swirl, sniff, and sip like a pro! Taste the six “noble” grapes of the world and discover what all the fuss is about. Gain command of basic wine vocabulary and tasting technique. Bring all your questions about wine and food pairing, storage, sulfites, or any other vexing wine dilemma.


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One response to “Winediva at the Discovery Center this Friday

  1. No snobs allowed Shoot! All I ever get is snobs they are the hardest to teach as they already know it all, but I manage day after day! I love teaching people about wine. You are a brave woman keep it up!

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