Like the phoenix, I’m back. WGN today at 4:30pm cst.

Dearest readers,

My profound apologies for dropping off the blog planet for so long. But, I have the greatest excuse ever – I have cancer. Yep, the BIG C dog. I had surgery in April and I’m half way through 6 months of chemo and doing GREAT. So, maybe TMI, but I’m all about playing the cancer card when it works to my benefit :).

If you want to read about my Great Cancer Smackdown, you can visit my other blog, Chemo and Vino: Breakfast of Champions at

I should warn you that my cancer blog is completely uncensored and not meant to be as “professional” as my wine blog, so just know that I’ll continue this blog in a responsible and entertaining tone. All bets are off on the other one.

So – I’m on The Steve Cochran Show today at 4:30 CST. WGN radio 720 am or stream live at Oddly enough, I’m featuring a cocktail today. Mostly because I’m bringing along my great pal Sean from and he’s a total spirit -cocktail -madman- genius.

Behold the great Chris Blumer cocktail invention:


Into a shaker pour:

2oz blanco good quality tequila (Partida Blanco is a nice one. Stay away from aged tequilas or anything “gold”)

1oz Cointreau (or other orange liquor, but Cointreau’s my fav)

1 splash of OJ (something real with no pulp like Tropicana Pure Premium)

juice of 1 fresh lime (none of that weird stuff that comes in a plastic lime-shaped container)

1 handful of ice (really no need for a paranthetical here, but thought I’d keep the gag running)

Shake your shaker (and your moneymaker!) for about 30 seconds and strain into rocks glasses filled with ice

Top each glass with a splash of a nice Moscato d’Asti and give it a gentle stir. ( I adore the Vietti.)

Drink up and mentally transport yourself to a beach filled with the half naked cabana attendants of your choice. (Matt Damon is my first choice.)

Ahhhhh…..Summer, Margaritas, and Matt Damon. Good Times.

And if you want to see me LIVE this fall, I’m doing 2 wine festival appearances! Catch me at The Old Town Wine Crush on Sat Sept 13th at 3pm. (Double check on the time closer to the event.) And Winefest Chicago on Sun Sept 21st at 2pm.

One more thing! If you live in Illinois, please check out my friend’s cancer blog Everything Changes and educate yourself about a bill that will really help young adults with cancer and insurance problems in our state. Its her August entry entitled, “Flat as a Pancake”.



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3 responses to “Like the phoenix, I’m back. WGN today at 4:30pm cst.

  1. Welcome back. You were certainly missed.

  2. On an entirely different note, I would livke to invite you to join The 89 Project ( I could not find an email to send an invitation. If you’re interested, you can find my email there. David

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