Pinot Noir Awesomeness

A few nights ago, I dropped in to the Chicago Chop House for a drink and some fried calamari – a dish my husband won’t eat, so I never get to order it unless I’m by myself. After my tasty Champagne and fried seafood fix, I had some time to kill before my dear hubby could pick me up. I decided on a glass of the latest Pinot Noir from Truchard Vineyards in Napa. The Truchards have been growers for lots of luxury Napa brands for over 30 years, but made some lovely wines under their own label starting in 1989. They are lovely people and I hear Joanne Truchard makes an incredible pie. (Long story for another time.)

Holy cow.

I was intending to just sip and enjoy without “evaluating” the wine, but this luscious beauty demanded attention. I was simply overwhelmed by the complexity of aromas: cranberry, wild strawberry, cocoa, black pepper, and nutmeg. The texture was rich, smooth, and thouroughly luxurious. I was spellbound.

So, the wine is in the $35-40 range retail but worth every penny. Get some before I clean out all the local stores.



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4 responses to “Pinot Noir Awesomeness

  1. SO SORRY! That would be important, huh! The current release is 2005. Soooooo yummy.

  2. nancie morgan

    We bought it last night and we’re going to have it with our BBq steaks Thursday night. Did you get my note I left on your blog? Do you have a Specks in Chicago? Enjoy the day! Nancie

  3. Jess S

    OOO! Pinot! I have seen the resturant plenty of times but have never stopped in! I will do this and as well as spend the money and get a bottle! Thank You, what do you suggest for dinner with it!!??

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