Annual Halloween Candy and Booze matchup TODAY on WGN radio@ 4pm CST. 720 am –

Hey gang! Its that time of year again. The time of year that you trot your spawn around the neighborhood dressed up like superheroes and Disney characters as they chow down all the candy they can manage without barfing and bounce off the walls until they crash in a sugar coma way past their bedtime. Or something like that. Anyhoo, after you’ve tucked in Batman and Ariel, you might need a drink. And I think it should be something that will pair nicely with a little treat pilfered from the orange plastic pumpkins your kids hauled around town. (Warning: some kids do, in fact, inventory their candy before bed. I’m convinced they have tiny mental excel sheets that detail exactly how many Kit Kats are left in their stash. So – be stealthy and careful when looting your kid’s bounty.)

This year I decided to change things up with liqueurs. Sweet liquid grown up candy. Yet, as I tasted various fruity and creamy concoctions with my latest control group of candy, there was only one that stood out as pretty darned tasty with everything: Amaretto di Saronno. Its a delightful carmel colored sweet booze with the flavors of almond, apricot, and a tiny bit of spice. It brought out the sweetness of the coconut in a Mounds Bar, held up to the overly sweet carmel in a Twix, and highlighted the salty nutty goodness of a Reese’s. SO. In this difficult economy, maybe you only need one boozey treat to pair with your stolen sweets? Not only that, its makes a mighty fine addition to coffee and hot chocolate. I like to sweeten home made whipped cream with it as well to bring out a sweeter candied almond note. Best to serve it in little liqueur glasses or sherry glasses if you have them. At 28% alcohol, a little goes a long way. Sweet dreams!

OH! And if you’re looking to book holiday events – contact me NOW. Seriously. Call or email like today. I have very limited availability this holiday season, and I’d like to make sure I get all of my WGN listeners the premium party dates they desire. Hosting a holiday Champagne tasting or rustic reds blow out doesn’t have to be expensive or overly time consuming. Relax and drink with Winediva through the end of 2008!



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2 responses to “Annual Halloween Candy and Booze matchup TODAY on WGN radio@ 4pm CST. 720 am –

  1. donna

    Loved listening to you on WGN yesterday afternoon!

  2. Hi. Great work. I did expect this. This is a excellent story. Many thanks!

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