On the Steve Cochran Show Today! (…early. oh my.)

brut-rosseGOOD MORNING! I’m up early just to bring you a fabulous cocktail idea for the holidays. Its perfect for brunch, an aparitif, or just something to knock back to make your family more interesting.coint_bottle175l_hires1 Tune in to The Steve Cochran Show at …gulp…7am to catch me. 720 am on the dial or stream live at wgnradio.com.

Poinsettia: a 1:4 ratio of Cointreau or another orange liquour to Champagne, with a splash of cranberry juice added for color. Garnish with a mint leaf and or a fresh cranberry.

A tasty treat! If you’d like more info on me, my business, or my “funny little cancer blog”, check out the post before this one from Thanksgiving.

Here’s the Rose bubbly I mentioned on the show today to go with shrimp cocktail and/or ribs. Deeeelish :).

Tune in to WGN tomorrow to catch me on Steve’s Christmas Show! I’ll be featuring the Domaine Carneros Brut 2004.winespage



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4 responses to “On the Steve Cochran Show Today! (…early. oh my.)

  1. Deb

    Ugh, I missed the name of the California Rose that you mentioned. Would you be able to update your post with that info? Thanks!

  2. Donna Metcalf

    So good to hear you on Steve Cochran this morning! I am not a morning person and normally wouldn’t even have the radio on this early! We love WGN and live downstate by Springfield. You sound wonderful and I do hope you have a sparkling and healthy 2009.
    Love from your No. 1 downstate fan.

  3. Deb: Its the Mumm Cuvee Napa Brut Rose. I’ll see if I can find a pic!

  4. Great post. A little late for me reading this, but Snooth is a great site for posting wine reviews and food pairings – http://www.snooth.com. Looking forward to reading.

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