getting rowdy with Revelette Rose and Steve Cochran on WGN radio TODAY at 5pm

etiq_reveletteHey Kids!

As many of you have mentioned, I’ve been somewhat truant from Steve’s show lately. Totally, my bad. I’ll be on TODAY at 5pm (or round abouts that time) to chat about roses for summer quaffing and any boozy concerns you may have for the holiday. Cocktails, food pairings, brewski: I’ll do my best.

To my right (insert Vanna White gesture here) you will see the label for today’s tasty treat. A DRY…let me say that again…DRY…pink wine from southern France that is delish with a variety of casual outdoor fare. Slurp this up with grilled chicken, burgers, pig roast – whatever you have goin on for Memorial Day. (If you are roasting a whole pig, please invite me. Chances are good that I’ll bring wine that doesn’t suck.)

For those who want to know, the wine is made primarily from a grape called grenache and vinified by the saignee method. Unlike most producers, owner and producer Peter Fischer grows these grapes expressly for rose production. And greenies can feel good that his wines are certified organic, with many of his practices adhering to biodynamic standards.

You should be able to find a bottle (or a case!) at most Binny’s & Sam’s locations as well as In Fine Spirits and a few other boutiquey shops. Price is about $13.


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