Diva Wine Tweets

Those of you who are addicted to your crackberrys can now read my brief (but amusing IMHO) wine “tweets” on twitter. Follow me @chicagowinediva and get the lastest on good stuff that I’m eating and drinking – often in real time! You too can know exactly when I’ve been overserved by a fine dining establishment or my own friends, which I may well regret soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy! 

Full disclosure, you may get a few cancer related tweets here and there, but they are generally even more amusing than my wine musings, so don’t be freaked out. If the whole C-Dog thing is news to you and you want to get my story – check out my funny little cancer blog. Chemo and Vino: Breakfast of Champions. I’m really doing pretty darned well, but if you want to send me nice thoughts or cash feel free.




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2 responses to “Diva Wine Tweets

  1. I just love your blogs – they make me smile!

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