Rotisserie attachment for Weber grills

Now that grilling season is in full swing, my hubby and I have been looking for a great low and slow recipe that let us enjoy the summer weather. What we discovered was a fantastic attachment for a our Weber charcoal grill; a rotisserie! Naively, I thought that you could only spit roast on a gas set up, but Weber makes this nifty machine that sits right on top of your charcoal grill and plugs in to a nearby outlet. Your lid fits neatly on top for a reliable, air tight seal. We’ve already roasted a stuffed leg of lamb and an insanely good safron and orange marinated chicken with delicious results. This guy was most tasty with a Chateau Grand Cassagne Costieres de Nimes Rose 2006.

Add some wood chips on the coals and you’ve got a makeshift spinning smokehouse. There’s even a clever counterweight to help balance the heavier side of larger cuts of meat or birds.

Only downside is that the unit has an oddly short power cord. Best have an extension cord on hand for grilling at a safe distance from any walls or windows.


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